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Jennifer Aniston introduces: LolaVie

by Kira Heather

Jennifer Aniston, a beloved actress, producer and euntropenaur, has launched the first product belonging to her new beauty and skincare brand LolaVie. Beauty is a tough market to be in, with other famous beauty rivals to go up against. The brand’s website explains Aniston’s love for science and notes her vision for the company. 

“LolaVie is to combine the best of science and nature. With this brand, she wants to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.” – LolaVie website.

The road to success isn’t always obvious, especially in the beauty and skincare world where competition is fierce.. “Celeb endorsements are a dime a dozen: you can’t build a brand off of that,” says Jill Manoff, editor-in-chief of the beauty website Glossy. “Aniston’s biggest challenge will be credibility. She has access to the greatest dermatologists, cosmetic physicians. Her skin is not the result of some over-the-counter products.” Manoff says that Aniston would benefit from linking up with a dermatologist. “Selling herself as the expert would be a challenge.”

What was the first release?

Well, with sources saying the main aim of the brand to sell skincare, the first product on sale is actually not a skincare product. Aniston has released a “Glossing Detangler” as the first LolaVie product. 

Although this product is not skincare related, the world knows and loves Aniston not just for her acting skills, but her hair. Perhaps the launch of this product will encourage her huge fanbase to be more initially intrigued by the brand. But this doesn’t seem to be the only thing she is doing right.

The Glossing Detangler is said to be 99% Naturally-Derived, vegan, cruelty free, colour-safe and suitable for all hair types. Not only that but the product was formulated without silicones, sulphates (SLS/SLES), parabens, gluten and phthalates. It would appear that at this moment in time 

Is it for the fans?

Initially, fans buy into the celebrity brand as much as the products themselves. “Fans of Hailey Bieber, who’s in her early 20s, care more about buying into Hailey and her ‘cool girl’ status than product efficacy,” says Allison McNamara, founder of the beauty company Mara.

Credibility in the beauty world comes from independent (often called “honest”) product reviews online and social-media engagement, says Manoff, and celebrities need to ensure they are establishing fans of the brand rather than fans of themselves.

Aniston’s fanbase, says McNamara, “is older than Bieber’s, which makes it even more challenging, because her products need to work. Women in their 40s know good skincare and know when it’s working – and when it isn’t.” She says they are looking for “products that visibly improve skin concerns such as wrinkles, sagging and ageing”.

There is one thing Aniston has got right even before launch, however. “Brands that don’t name themselves after the celebrity have more staying power,” McNamara says. The challenge will be making LolaVie known separately from Aniston’s celebrity. “In terms of longevity, only time will tell.” – Guardian

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