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Programmatic Pioneers Summit 2022

by Kira Heather

The highly anticipated Programmatic Pioneers Summit has been and gone, with an array of discussions including brand case studies and a range of panels discussing regulations, privacy, creativity, advertising, the cookie-less future and much, much more. 

The Summit took place at the Tower Hotel in London this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Programmatic Pioneers Summit was an inspirational and interactive event, with the brilliant opportunity to hear directly from media experts. From brands to agencies to publishers to tech!

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“Brand Building The Nestlé Way”

A case study was presented by guest speaker Tina Beuchler, Global Media & Agency Operations for Nestlé. Beuchler discussed multiple behind-the-scenes aspects of Nestlé, including how they continue to build their brand and sharing invaluable content in regards to overcoming our ever-evolving ecosystem. 

Image provided by Programmatic Pioneers Summit – LinkedIn 

Beuchler went on to discuss the importance of creativity in campaigns. Showing a specific campaign by KITKAT in Australia called “Snap Out Of It”. The campaign reflected on common frustrations and the ever-increasing need to take a break. The campaign successfully reclaimed the number one spot for KITKAT in the Australian market.


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Interactive and Interesting

There were a series of panels with speakers from a range of companies with programmatic experience. Discussions about regulations and privacy with an interactive element, allowing individuals in the audience to take part in polls and to leave questions for the speakers on stage. 

The panels on advertising were extremely interesting, providing new ways to reach different audiences. With a range of subtopics including areas such as: micro targeting, the value of platforms, subscriber advertising, attention in advertising, ad placement and ad creativity. 

Along with insightful tips and tricks from the well versed speakers that left the audience more knowledgeable on each subject. Not all companies are the same, so hearing how the best of them tackle elements within business development can be enlightening for up-and-coming brands, as well as existing businesses that are simply looking to adapt their models to drive their success further.

“The Cookie Is Crumbling”

Quantcast’s Head of Platform Business Development, Allan Tinkler led a panel where he, along with Alex Mills of Quantcast and Teresa Gowland of Aria Foods, discussed the demise of cookies. Quantcast’s unique advertising experience allowed the audience to gain a new level of understanding in regards to the change of cookie power dynamics. Their discussion was focused on embracing the cookie-less future, as well as providing solutions that are both effective and privacy-conscious. 


There are many approaches in development each with different characteristics, leading to different outcomes. First party data, deterministic identifiers, statistical cohorts, contextual and more. 

Summit Up

Over Tuesday and Wednesday there were many other panels and studies given by the speakers, whose collective insightful experience make the Programmatic Pioneers Summit an invaluable experience. This alone sells the Summit, not to mention the access to networking. 

The world has changed over the past couple of years, so to be able to have access to such a large network of business representatives is refreshing. Exhibitions from sponsors and a lovely day at The Tower Hotel in London added to the experience.If you were unable to attend this year, we recommend you do go to the next Programmatic Pioneers Summit! 

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